Halloween Humor Cards, Humorous Halloween Collection

Monday, May 10, 2010

Match a great combination of fun with horror for the coming festive holidays of Halloween by pulling some jokes, pranks, comments, foot notes, decorative and other stuff. Explore some really humorous collection of Halloween Humor Cards filled with great laughter, fun and happiness.
humorous halloween greetings

Black Halloween Cards, Black Happy Halloween Wishes

Black is the color of Halloween festival to display feelings of scariness, horrible nights and spooky environment. To add that zink to your Halloween celebrations, we are adding some terrible collection of black Halloween cards displaying black haired witch, black cat, black flying bats and more for free.
black halloween witch cardBlack Halloween GreetingsBlack Halloween Cards

Green Halloween Cards, Green Halloween Witch Greetings

I love these Green Halloween Cards to exchange happy Halloween wishes in a color theme based on witches, ghouls and evil spirits. Dark green in combination with black look amazing to create spooky horrifying look of the festival. You can present these for free green pumpkin face, witchy witch, skeleton and pictures.
green pumpkin face cardGreen Halloween Cards
green halloween skeleton wishesgreen halloween wishes

Painted Halloween Cards, Hand Painted Halloween Wishes

Painting is a hobby of many people and they love to get painted greeting cards as a wish note from loved ones. For the coming Halloween holidays, we have these Painted Halloween Cards with pictures of hand drawn skeleton, pumpkin face, cartoons and more.
Painted Halloween Cardshand painted halloween card

Halloween Family Cards, Halloween Family Wishes

Make families feel the thrill and joy of Halloween nights by giving them scary halloween wish cards with special segment of these Halloween Family Cards sharing wishes with every member of the family. Make them feel special during month of October by giving away such greetings.
Halloween Family Cards
Halloween Family Wishes